Finance | FinReview - Part 5


30 July 2019

250 billion US dollars of foreign investments has been raised by Kazakhstan for the last 10 years

In Kazakhstan the intensive work on creation of favorable investment climate is carried out. The special economic and industrial zones, the institutes of development, the financial organizations and

23 July 2019

Kazakhstan stock market: trading volume of securities amounted to 2.5 trillion tenge for the five months of 2019

Kazakhstan stock market is highly concentrated, but at the same time poorly balanced. The vast majority of transactions are in currency and cash transactions. A new impulse for

16 July 2019

Kazakhstan and the EAEU: total foreign trade reached $78.1 billion since 2015

The trade turnover of Kazakhstan with the EAEU countries in the first four months of 2019 reached $6.1 billion. In trade turnover structure of Kazakhstan and the EAEU,

15 March 2019

70% of revenues from sales of products and services of small enterprises are concentrated in three sectors

The revenues of small enterprises of Kazakhstan from the sale of products and services in the third quarter of 2018 amounted to 9.2 tln tenge. In terms of

27 September 2018

The volume of mortgage loans issued during the year increased immediately by 44%

Overview of construction, housing acquisition by citizens and loans for the annual period. August 2017–2018 yy. During the year, from the end of August last year over the