Sampling by specified criteria | FinReview - Part 10
2 November 2018

Oil production grew by 7% over the year, oil exports increased by 6% in volume and immediately by 45% in money

Overview of crude oil production and exports. September 2018 у. For 9 months, crude oil production amounted to 57.6 million tons, which is 6.5% more than a year

25 October 2018

Population change and internal migration processes as part of controlled urbanization processes

The population of Kazakhstan is gradually increasing (by 1.3–1.5% per year). In the last 2 years, the growth rate has slightly decreased (by 0.1–0.2 pp). By the current

17 October 2018

Over three quarters, investments in healthcare and social services grew by more than one and a half times compared to the same period last year and amounted to 74 billion tenge.

Overview of fixed capital investment in health and social services. January – September 2018 у. Investments in health care and social services for the first 9 months of

16 October 2018

The total volume of trading on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange up to September increased in comparison with the previous year by 20%

The volume of trading in the securities market for the corresponding period increased immediately by 10 times. Orgs on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange in September of the current

12 October 2018

The number of Internet subscribers in rural areas increased immediately by 9% over the year and amounted to 517 thousand people

Overview of internet in rural areas. August 2018 y. The number of fixed Internet subscribers in Kazakhstan has almost stopped growing; over the last year, the number of

9 October 2018

The volume of gas exports reached $ 1.03 billion – immediately by 25.3% more than a year ago

Overview of production and export of natural gas. August 2018 у. In the first 8 months, gas production in the country reached 37.3 billion cubic meters – 5.8%

27 September 2018

The volume of mortgage loans issued during the year increased immediately by 44%

Overview of construction, housing acquisition by citizens and loans for the annual period. August 2017–2018 yy. During the year, from the end of August last year over the

1 April 2018

*The volume of collected premiums on OPAG of audit organizations for 8 months amounted to 15 million tenge, 8% less than a year earlier

Review of the segment of compulsory insurance of GPO of audit organizations. January – August 2018 The volume of premiums collected in the field of compulsory insurance of