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29 March 2022

Kazakhstan might benefit from the expansion of the crypto business to the tune of 72 billion USD

While the world order is in disarray, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction. There is a growing interest in digital currency to protect savings and international payments. The price of

16 November 2021

Agreement on foreign exchange regulation: Kazakhstanis will get access to financial services of the AIFC

What will the adopted Rules of Currency Regulation and Information Exchange in the AIFC give to the residents of the country?   Today, on November 16, the official

10 November 2020

Breadwinners of the state budget: 50 largest taxpayers in Kazakhstan

In the first nine months of 2020, fifty major taxpayers paid taxes in the amount of 2.9 trillion tenge. This is exactly 50% of the total tax revenues

21 September 2020

How is Islamic banking developing in Kazakhstan

When the business of traditional banks around the world shows volatility, Islamic banks become an example of stability and reliability, which allows customers not only to save, but

2 July 2020

How do development banks and investment banks help the national economy?

Small and medium-sized businesses account for 29.5% of the country’s total production volume, while about 3.4 million people are employed in this area. In the context of the

9 April 2020


Under the state of emergency in the country caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the most important issues for stabilizing the economy were support measures for SMBs and the

27 December 2019

Results of 2019: support of socially vulnerable citizens from the budget provokes inflation, and enterprises lack investment and loans

In the near future, the Government and government departments will begin to summarize the activities for 2019. According to preliminary forecasts of Kazakhstan, the national economy continues to

12 March 2019

The total assets of second-tier bank of RK increased by 6% over the year and at the end of January 2019 amounted to more than 25 trillion tenge

First Heartland Bank is leading in terms of annual growth in the volume of assets: in 2 times, to 274.9 billion tenge. The second place is occupied by

5 March 2019

The volume of credits in STB decreased by 1%, the share of credits in tenge increased from 74% to 79% of the total credits

Credits of STB RK at the end of January 2019 amounted to 12.5 trillion tenge – 0.6% less than in January 2018. A year earlier, an increase of

25 November 2018

The net worth of second-tier banks reached 2.91 trillion tenge in September, and this is the maximum value over a five-year period

Review of STB RK indicators: equity, capital adequacy ratios. September 2018 At the end of September of this year, the STB own capital reached 2.91 trillion tenge, an