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22 April 2022

How can the insurance industry’s profitability be doubled?

The insurance market has rebounded after the pandemic. In 2021, the sector accounted for 3% of the country’s GDP. In addition, insurance can double its profitability in the

16 November 2021

Agreement on foreign exchange regulation: Kazakhstanis will get access to financial services of the AIFC

What will the adopted Rules of Currency Regulation and Information Exchange in the AIFC give to the residents of the country?   Today, on November 16, the official

23 March 2020

Expenses of the insurance market of the Kazakhstan increased by 37%, and net profit – by 3%. This may result in loss

In the coming years, insurance companies in Kazakhstan will need quality development. In 2019, their expenses grew faster than incomes, and the growth in net profit for the

20 March 2019

TOP 5 companies by the volume of insurance premiums on compulsory environmental insurance

For January of this year, the receipt of insurance premiums for compulsory environmental insurance decreased by 5.6% over year and amounted to 96.5 mln tenge. The first place

15 March 2019

TOP 5 companies on expenses for insurance payments

For January 2019, the cost of insurance payments increased by 10.9% to 7.4 bln tenge. The first place on the costs of insurance payments is occupied by “Eurasia”

13 March 2019

Premiums on compulsory insurance of civil legal liability of vehicle owners have increased by 32% over the year, and on automobile insurance – by 38%

In January of this year, insurance companies collected premiums in the segment of compulsory insurance of vehicle owners civil legal liability in the amount of 5.3 billion tenge

25 November 2018

Volumes of insurance premiums in the field of voluntary insurance of air transport grew over the year by 19%

In the field of corporate voluntary insurance of air transport, revenues from premiums for January – August amounted to slightly more than 2 billion tenge, which is 18.6%

16 November 2018

Insurance premiums for 8 months of the current year amounted to 263.5 billion tenge

Review of indicators of insurance companies of Kazakhstan and the potential of the Internet insurance market. January – August 2018 For 8 months, insurance companies collected premiums in

1 April 2018

*The volume of collected premiums on OPAG of audit organizations for 8 months amounted to 15 million tenge, 8% less than a year earlier

Review of the segment of compulsory insurance of GPO of audit organizations. January – August 2018 The volume of premiums collected in the field of compulsory insurance of