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Sustainable development system

30 July 2019

250 billion US dollars of foreign investments has been raised by Kazakhstan for the last 10 years

In Kazakhstan the intensive work on creation of favorable investment climate is carried out. The special economic and industrial zones, the institutes of development, the financial organizations and

2 April 2019

The inflow of investments from the Russian Federation into the national economy increased by 34.4% over the year

The economic relations of Kazakhstan with Russia are becoming stronger, as evidenced by key indicators of international economic relations. In the first 9 months of 2018 alone, the

21 November 2018

The number of foreign tourists increased by 22% over the year

Overview of tourist flows and the volume of services provided to tourists in places of accommodation. I half of 2018 In the first half of the year, tourist

12 October 2018

The number of Internet subscribers in rural areas increased immediately by 9% over the year and amounted to 517 thousand people

Overview of internet in rural areas. August 2018 y. The number of fixed Internet subscribers in Kazakhstan has almost stopped growing; over the last year, the number of