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30 July 2019

250 billion US dollars of foreign investments has been raised by Kazakhstan for the last 10 years

In Kazakhstan the intensive work on creation of favorable investment climate is carried out. The special economic and industrial zones, the institutes of development, the financial organizations and

23 July 2019

Kazakhstan stock market: trading volume of securities amounted to 2.5 trillion tenge for the five months of 2019

Kazakhstan stock market is highly concentrated, but at the same time poorly balanced. The vast majority of transactions are in currency and cash transactions. A new impulse for

16 July 2019

Kazakhstan and the EAEU: total foreign trade reached $78.1 billion since 2015

The trade turnover of Kazakhstan with the EAEU countries in the first four months of 2019 reached $6.1 billion. In trade turnover structure of Kazakhstan and the EAEU,

12 July 2019

The volume of international investments into Kazakhstan increased by 15.8% this year and reached a record value for the last five years

The global crisis of 2015 significantly reduced dynamics of international investment flows into developed countries and countries in transition. As for Kazakhstan it is vice versa, since 2015,

5 July 2019

The day of the capital city of Kazakhstan: how Nur-Sultan city is developing

On July 6, Kazakhstan will celebrate the Day of the Capital City: we have prepared the financial and economic overview about the development of Nur-Sultan city as a

2 April 2019

The inflow of investments from the Russian Federation into the national economy increased by 34.4% over the year

The economic relations of Kazakhstan with Russia are becoming stronger, as evidenced by key indicators of international economic relations. In the first 9 months of 2018 alone, the

26 March 2019

As of January 2019, the volume of investments in the manufacturing industry amounted to 51 bln tenge reducing to almost 73%

As of January 2019, the share of manufacturing industry from industrial production as a whole amounted to 32.9% (0.7 trillion tenge, -10.8% year-on-year). In 2017, the production output

25 March 2019

Ranking of countries by the direct investments volume of Kazakhstan investors

For January-September 2018, the largest volume of investments from Kazakhstan was invested into the Russian economy: 318.3 mln US dollars – 23.6% more than a year before. Cayman

25 March 2019

Ranking by volume of investments into the fixed capital in the context of industries

For January 2019, the largest volume of investments was made into the industry: 454.6 bln tenge (-8.1% year-on-year). Investments into real estate transactions amounted to 75.4 bln tenge

15 March 2019

Kazakhstan has a hotline for investors

Kazakhstan has a Single National Investment Interactive Internet resource  and the hotline for investors +77172620620. Now investors can send direct inquiries through this portal. By analogy with