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13 April 2022

March – February 2022 AIX Market Overview

In March, geopolitical tensions weighed heavily on the stock market of Kazakhstan starting in early February, and in relation with pressure for sanctions against the Russian Federation, a

29 March 2022

Kazakhstan might benefit from the expansion of the crypto business to the tune of 72 billion USD

While the world order is in disarray, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction. There is a growing interest in digital currency to protect savings and international payments. The price of

18 March 2022

Up to 3.5% of GDP growth can be provided by transport logistics

Kazakhstan’s transport logistics has faced substantial development challenges in recent years. The surge in goods transportation has destabilized supply networks as a result of pent-up demand. Two years

15 February 2022

What awaits the real estate market in 2022?

Housing in Kazakhstan continues to rise in price. What is the reason for this and how will the cost of square meters change in 2022? Real estate in

3 February 2022

Trading volume on AIX increased 6.3 times

At the end of December, the total market capitalization of companies with an equity instrument listing on AIX exceeds 45.8 billion US dollars. The total traded value on

8 December 2021

Trading volume on AIX increased 2.2 times

At the end of November, the total equity market capitalization of companies listed on AIX exceeded 49 billion US dollars. In November 2021, the total traded value on

6 December 2021

Nursultan Serikbay: “National projects are built around the needs and demands of citizens”

In October 2021, the Head of State, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, approved 10 national projects, which represent a comprehensive program to improve the quality of life of citizens. As early

16 November 2021

Agreement on foreign exchange regulation: Kazakhstanis will get access to financial services of the AIFC

What will the adopted Rules of Currency Regulation and Information Exchange in the AIFC give to the residents of the country?   Today, on November 16, the official

9 November 2021

October 2021 AIX Market Overview

The Astana International Exchange (AIX) provides its monthly overview of the market activity for October 2021  Trading volume on AIX In October 2021, the total trading volume on

8 November 2021

Up to 30% GDP growth ensure corporate innovation

Technology is rapidly changing the world and specifically business models – this is favorable for startups, but for classic corporations it is a threat. According to the globally