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18 February 2020

The construction sector might ensure GDP growth by 4.5% in 2020

The amount of construction work in 2019 increased by 14%, it allowed construction companies receive 983.4 billion tenge, which is considered to be as a record profit over

13 February 2020

Mining sector provides more than 40% of state income and 15% of GDP

In 2019, Kazakhstan’s GDP growth was 4.5% due to increased demand on the consumer market, increased industrial production and increased investment activity. Which sectors of the economy were

11 February 2020

Fixed Capital Investments: 2019 Overview

Investments in the fixed assets maintained the upward trend – in 2019, their volume increased by 12.7% and reached 12.5 trillion tenge. At the same time, the enterprises

27 December 2019

Results of 2019: support of socially vulnerable citizens from the budget provokes inflation, and enterprises lack investment and loans

In the near future, the Government and government departments will begin to summarize the activities for 2019. According to preliminary forecasts of Kazakhstan, the national economy continues to

30 August 2019

Kazakhstan will lose $14 billion if it does not shift to a “green economy”

Kazakhstan has the necessary potential for the use of renewable energy sources (RES), but their share in electricity production is only 1.3%. In developed countries, the figure reaches

29 August 2019

China has invested 1.5 bln US dollars in the economy of Kazakhstan

Bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and China are developing systematically – the volume of mutual trade in the first half of 2019 increased by 31% and reached 6.8 bln

23 July 2019

Kazakhstan stock market: trading volume of securities amounted to 2.5 trillion tenge for the five months of 2019

Kazakhstan stock market is highly concentrated, but at the same time poorly balanced. The vast majority of transactions are in currency and cash transactions. A new impulse for

22 March 2019

The trading volume of the TOP 10 most liquid shares amounted to 383.7 mln tenge per week

On the KASE stock exchange for the week ended March 7, 2019, the largest trading volume for the week among the most liquid shares is observed at KazTransOil

10 March 2019

The weekly trading volume of global depositary receipts of JSC Kazatomprom NJSC on the AIX exchange amounted to 106 thousand US dollars

The volume of trading in global depositary receipts of Kazatomprom JSC amounted to 106 thousand US dollars on AIX exchange for the period from 4 to 7 March

9 March 2019

Trading volumes of shares and global depositary receipts of Kazatomprom JSC on the AIX exchange amounted to 96.8 million tenge and 67.7 thousand US dollars, respectively

The volume of trading in shares of Kazatomprom JSC amounted to 96.8 million tenge with 57 transactions completed on March 7, on Thursday, on the AIX exchange. The