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9 January 2019

Labor and employment

The economically active population of Kazakhstan for 2017 increased slightly – by 0.3%, to 9 million people. However, this is still less than in 2015 (9.1 million people).

The greatest concentration of labor is observed in densely populated SKR (13.3% from Kazakhstan) and Almaty oblast (11.5%), as well as in the financial center, Almaty (10.4%).

The largest growth of the economically active population was noted in Astana: immediately + 6.7% per year, to 521.5 thousand people.

The number of the employed population also slightly increased: plus 0.4%, to 8.59 million people, which is less, however, than in 2015 (8.6 million people).

The program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship works: for example, against the background of a small increase in the employed population, there was a sharp decline in self-employed (just minus 5% per year to 2.1 million people), while the number of employees increased (by 2, 3% per year, up to 6.49 million people.).

The economically active population is 49.7% of the residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, employed – 47.3%, hired workers – 35.7%.

The proportion of wage workers from the employed population increased over the year from 74.2% to 75.5%.