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8 December 2021

Trading volume on AIX increased 2.2 times

At the end of November, the total equity market capitalization of companies listed on AIX exceeded 49 billion US dollars. In November 2021, the total traded value on

6 December 2021

Nursultan Serikbay: “National projects are built around the needs and demands of citizens”

In October 2021, the Head of State, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, approved 10 national projects, which represent a comprehensive program to improve the quality of life of citizens. As early

16 November 2021

Agreement on foreign exchange regulation: Kazakhstanis will get access to financial services of the AIFC

What will the adopted Rules of Currency Regulation and Information Exchange in the AIFC give to the residents of the country?   Today, on November 16, the official

9 November 2021

October 2021 AIX Market Overview

The Astana International Exchange (AIX) provides its monthly overview of the market activity for October 2021  Trading volume on AIX In October 2021, the total trading volume on

8 November 2021

Up to 30% GDP growth ensure corporate innovation

Technology is rapidly changing the world and specifically business models – this is favorable for startups, but for classic corporations it is a threat. According to the globally

6 November 2021

Why are gasoline prices rising?

In Kazakhstan, gasoline prices have increased again, increasing anxiety in society. Some experts see the reasons for this in the pricing structure, while others expect an inflationary wave,

3 November 2021

English Justice served remotely

The AIFC Court and the International Arbitration Centre have been functioning since January 2018. The AIFC eJustice e-filing system was launched to resolve disputes online.   Restrictive measures,

2 November 2021

Is everyone in Kazakhstan truly significant?

Why is the national census conducted, and why is responsible participation critical?   Population censuses are conducted every decade in accordance with international standards and generally accepted practice.

19 October 2021

National projects: a “reboot” in government administration

“High-quality education, healthcare, social policy, infrastructure, creation of new jobs – this is what the state should be attending to today,” Kairat Kelimbetov. What is the difference between

19 October 2021

27% of the World’s Jurisdictions Apply Common law

Central Asia is a region with significant investment potential. However, attracting international investment requires the creation of certain conditions. One of these conditions is the rule of law