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Macro Indicators

12 March 2019

A Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation was signed In France between the Solar Power Association of Kazakhstan and Europe's largest electric power company Urbasolar SAS

According to the press service of the ALE “Solar Power Association of Kazakhstan”, a new impulse to Kazakhstan-France business relations in the field of alternative energy will be

11 March 2019

The import share in the country's trade decreased from 38% to 35% for one year

In the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development it is planned to reduce the share of imported products in the field of “economy of simple things” from 59%

7 March 2019

Trade turnover with the EAEU countries increased by 7.5% over the year

Last year, the trade turnover for the EAEU countries increased by 7.5% for the year up to 19.1 billion US dollars. Russia accounted for 91.8% of the trade

6 March 2019

Enriched uranium import to Kazakhstan increased by 18%

The Chief Executive Officer of the IAEA, Yukiia Amano said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will begin shipping low-enriched uranium (LEU) to the NOAA IAEA Bank

6 March 2019

The main gasoline and diesel fuel exporter is Russia

The import of motor gasoline in real terms decreased by 61.2% over year, to 415.8 ths tons, and imports of gasoil (diesel fuel) — by 29.4%, to 334.3

26 February 2019

Exports from Kazakhstan to India increased by 30% for onr year, import – by 14%

Over the last year, goods export to India increased by 30.1%, import – by 14.2% per year. The trade turnover reached 1.2 billion US dollars (+ 26.5% per

23 December 2018

For 10 months, Kazakhstan’s exports increased by 29.3%

In the first 10 months of this year, Kazakhstan’s exports increased by 29.3%, to almost 50 billion dollars. The largest growth in the structure of exports by main

2 November 2018

Oil production grew by 7% over the year, oil exports increased by 6% in volume and immediately by 45% in money

Overview of crude oil production and exports. September 2018 у. For 9 months, crude oil production amounted to 57.6 million tons, which is 6.5% more than a year

9 October 2018

The volume of gas exports reached $ 1.03 billion – immediately by 25.3% more than a year ago

Overview of production and export of natural gas. August 2018 у. In the first 8 months, gas production in the country reached 37.3 billion cubic meters – 5.8%