Oil production grew by 7% over the year, oil exports increased by 6% in volume and immediately by 45% in money | FinReview
2 November 2018

Oil production grew by 7% over the year, oil exports increased by 6% in volume and immediately by 45% in money

Overview of crude oil production and exports. September 2018 у.

For 9 months, crude oil production amounted to 57.6 million tons, which is 6.5% more than a year earlier.

However, compared to the same period last year, this is a very slight increase: in January – September 2017, the annual growth was 13%.

In 2017, overall, crude oil production increased by 11.2% year-on-year from 65.6 million tons to 72.9 million tons.

Добыча нефти сырой, включая полученную из минералов битуминозных

More than 60% of production following the results of three quarters traditionally falls on the key oil region of the country – Atyrau region. Such large companies as Tengizchevroil, North Caspian Operating Company, Caspian Oil, Tobearal Oil, Atyraumunay, etc. work here.

Vice Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Magzum Myrzagaliyev said that only in one of the largest fields in the region, Kashagan, oil production in 2018 could exceed 12 million tons. Now production is about 330-340 thousand barrels per day, but work is underway to optimize. A representative of the Ministry of Energy also clarified that Kashagan will be released at the level of 420 thousand barrels per day, presumably by 2021.

23.4% of the Republic of Kazakhstan accounted for the neighboring Mangistau region. Karazhanbasmunai, Mangistaumunaygas and others are mining here.

In the first 8 months, more than 90% of the oil produced was exported.

Баланс ресурсов и использования. Нефть сырая, включая полученную из минералов битуминозных. Январь–август (млн тонн)

For 8 months, the export of oil and crude oil products reached 46.4 thousand tons (+ 5.6% per year) in physical terms and $ 24.3 billion in money terms (+ 45.3% at once from the same period of 2017) .

53.9% of exports in volumes and 54.4% in terms of money accounted for three European countries: Italy, the Netherlands and France.

Экспорт Республики Казахстан. Нефть сырая и нефтепродукты сырые, полученные из битуминозных минералов. Январь–август 2018

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