The volume of mortgage loans issued during the year increased immediately by 44% | FinReview
27 September 2018

The volume of mortgage loans issued during the year increased immediately by 44%

Overview of construction, housing acquisition by citizens and loans for the annual period. August 2017–2018 yy.

During the year, from the end of August last year over the corresponding period of the current year, banks lent the economy by 12.7 trillion tenge – immediately by 24.5% more than a year earlier.

It is noteworthy that even with the noticeable increase in lending activity of the second-tier banks as a whole, some segments stood out with faster growth rates. Thus, the volume of mortgage loans issued in August 2017–2018, that is, loans for the construction and purchase of housing by citizens, rose year-on-year immediately to a record 44% to 470.1 billion tenge.

The second most dynamically growing lending segment is consumer lending: plus 31.3% over the same period in previous years (that is, the volume of loans issued from August 2016 to August 2017).

Closes the top three fastest growing segments of the business lending for the purchase of working capital – plus 17.4% year-on-year.

Other areas, such as capital loans to businesses for the acquisition of fixed assets, lending to new construction and reconstruction, the purchase of securities, went into minus.

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Of the 470.1 billion tenge directed by banks for the year in mortgage lending, 299 billion tenge fell at once to Zhilstroysberbank (or 63.6% of loans, against 62.3% in the same period of 2017).

The weight of the financial institution in the loan support for the construction and purchase of housing by citizens is growing from year to year. Thus, for the entire 2017, the STB lent the sector a total of 380.8 billion tenge, of which the SJRR provided 63.9% (or 243.5 billion tenge), against 54.5% in 2016 and 20.4% – five years ago .

Recall today Zhilstroysberbank – one of the key drivers of preferential and most affordable mortgage lending. In the framework of the ZhSSB programs, it is possible to obtain housing loans for up to 25 years at a rate of 3.5–5% per annum.

The bank also offers special favorable conditions for military personnel as part of a separate product and actively lends to the population under the Nurly Zher program.

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