The total amount of pension savings at the end of September amounted to 8.9 trillion tenge | FinReview
25 November 2018

The total amount of pension savings at the end of September amounted to 8.9 trillion tenge

Overview of pension savings and investment incomes of UAPF. September 2018

Pension savings at the end of September this year amounted to 8.9 trillion tenge, which is 17.9% more than a year ago.

In the same period a year earlier, pension savings amounted to 7.5 trillion tenge, with an annual growth of 16%. The maximum increase (plus 21.3%, or 1.1 trillion tenge) in recent years was observed in September 2016.

Пенсионные накопления. Сентябрь (трлн тг)

In the structure of pension savings, the main volume is formed at the expense of savings on compulsory pension contributions – 97.9% (8.7 trillion tenge). Savings on compulsory professional pension contributions accounted for another 2.1% (182.7 billion tenge) of the total amount.

Savings on voluntary pension contributions are still unpopular among Kazasstanis – only 1.8 billion tenge (0.02% of the total).

Пенсионные накопления. Сентябрь (млрд тг)

The investment income of the UAPF at the end of September 2018 amounted to 663.1 billion tenge, which shows an increase in investment income by 34.1% year-on-year. Revenues in the form of interest on securities, deposits and reverse repos amounted to 408.1 billion tenge – 7.2% more than a year earlier (380.7 billion tenge).

A significant increase – more than 3 times – is observed in revenues from the revaluation of foreign currency: 242.9 billion tenge.

Revenues from external management in January – September of the current year amounted to 8.9 billion tenge. At the same time, revenues from external management in conjunction with revenues from market revaluation of securities and other revenues amount to only 1.8% (12.1 billion tenge) of the total amount of revenues. Compared to last year, a decrease of 64.9% was observed in the listed items of income.

Инвестиционный доход. Январь–сентябрь (млрд тг)